Titus Stahl


My research interests are in social and political philosophy (in particular, social ontology and theories of social justice), practical philosophy (in particular, theories of normativity and metaethics), critical theory (in particular, Frankfurt School, Habermas and beyond) and the history of philosophy (in particular, German Idealism and Marx). See also my profiles on Humanities Commons, PhilPapers, Google Scholar or my university profile.

My resume is also available as a JSON Resume formatted, computer-readable file. See also my Open Access Impact at ImpactStory.

If you are unable to access any of my publications, please send me an email and I will help you access the text.

Articles and Book Chapters


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Book Reviews

Review of Kenneth Baynes: Habermas and Christopher Zurn: Axel Honneth. A Critical Theory of the Social, in Constellations, Nolume 24, Number 3, 2017, pp. 482-485.

Review of David Strecker: Logik der Macht, in Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Number 2, 2013, pp. 372–374.

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Review of Paul Redding: Analytic Philosophy and the Return of Hegelian Thought, in Critical Horizons, Volume 9, Number 1, 2008, pp. 109-112.

Conference Presentations and Colloquia


“Privacy Activism and Civil Disobedience”, OZSW Annual Conference, Groningen, Netherlands, December 9, 2016.

“Habermas and the Project of Immanent Critique”, Jornadas Teoría de la Verdad: Crítica y Hermenéutica, Granada, Spain, November 3, 2016.

“Collective Hope”, Collective Intentionality X, The Hague, The Netherlands, August 31, 2016.

“Fundamental Hope and Practical Identity”, Hope and Optimism Mid-Point Conference, Estes Park, Colorado, June 16, 2016.

“Hope beyond Liberalism”, Workshop “Hope – Social and Political Perspectives”, Groningen, Netherlands, June 7, 2016.


“Collective Hope and Social Justice”, OZSW annual conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 2015.

“Three Pathologies of Responsibility in Collective Contexts”, Workshop “Collective Responsibility”, Jyväskylä, Finland, December 2015.

“What’s Wrong with Surveillance?”, Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2015

“What’s Wrong with Surveillance?”, Philosophy and Public Affairs Colloquium, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2015

“Collective Responsibility for Oppression”, OZSW Study Day Political Philosophy, Leiden, Netherlands, September 2015

“Fundamental Hope and Practical Identity” (with Claudia Blöser), GAP.9 conference, Osnabrück, Germany, September 2015 (slides)

“Collective Responsibility for Oppression”, Conference “Shared Actions and Collective Responsibilities”, Groningen, Netherlands, April 2015


“What is a critical social ontology?”, Faculty Colloquium, University of Essen-Duisburg, Essen, Germany, November 2014

“Response on Panel ‘The Disobedient Network’ with Stefania Milan and Jacob Appelbaum”, Workshop “Civil Disobedience Beyond the State”, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2014

“Comment on Sally Haslanger’s Theory of Ideology”, Workshop with Sally Haslanger, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, October 2014

“Real Power for Republicans”, University of Tilburg, Tilburg, Netherlands, October 2014

“What are Social Reasons?”, Colloquium Modern Philosophy, Frankfurt, Germany, July 2014

“Traditional and Critical Social Ontology”, Conference: Critical Theory meets Social Ontology: Social Transformation, Paris, France, April 2014

“Immanent Critique”, Department Colloquium, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, April 2014

“When are Social Relationships of Power Just?”, Department Colloquium, University of Hannover, Hannover, Germany, January 2014


“Social Power and Social Justice”, Political Theory Colloquium, Excellence Cluster Normative Orders, Frankfurt, Germany, November 2013.

“Ideology, Social Practice, and Social Kinds”, Workshop on Sally Haslanger’s book “Resisting Reality”, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 2013.

“Immanent Critique, Power, and Ideology”, Workshop “Internal Critique”, Colchester, United Kingdom, May 2013 (Slides).

“Power, Reasons, and Reason”, Workshop “Critical Theory and Social Ontology II: Power”, Berlin, Germany, May 2013 (Slides).

“Recognition, Ideology, and Critique”, Workshop “The Ambivalence of Recognition”, Frankfurt a. M., Germany, April 2013 (Slides).


“Non-Domination, Institutional Power, and Social Freedom”, Association for Political Theory Conference, Columbia, SC, USA, October 2012. (Slides).

“The Internal Point of View as a First-Person Plural Point of View”, Workshop “Law in the First Person”, Tilburg, Netherlands, September 2012.

“Beyond Plans and Practices: Law as Collective Intentional Institution of Authority”, Conference Collective Intentionality VIII, Manchester, UK, August 2012 (Slides).

“Power – an even more radical view”, Conference “Philosophy and the Social Sciences”, Prague, May 2012

“Criminals, Revolutionaries, and Beautiful Souls. Hegel on the Pathologies of Social Freedom.”, Conference “The Spirit of Right”, Dublin, March 2012

“Concepts of Power and Concepts of Justice”, University College Dublin, March 2012

“Woher hat die immanente Kritik ihre Normen? Sozialontologische Überlegungen zum Potenzial sozialer Praktiken”, Tagung “Immanente Kritik”, Institut für Sozialforschung, Frankfurt a. M., November 2011 (Slides)


“Soziale Gerechtigkeit und institutionelle Macht”, DGPhil-Kongress 2011, München, September 2011 (Slides)

“Second Nature and Reflection. Towards a Negative Naturalism”, Conference Naturalisms in Ethics, Auckland, July 2011 (Slides)

“Praxis, Technik und expressive Vernunft. Verdinglichung als Pathologie zweiter Ordnung”, Tagung “Technik und Verdinglichung”, Cottbus, June 2011 (Slides)

“Verbrecher, Terroristen und Schöne Seelen. Hegel über die Pathologien sozialer Freiheit.”, Internationaler Hegelkongress 2011, Stuttgart, Germany, June 2011 (Slides)

“Ideologiekritik als Kritik sozialer Praktiken. Eine expressivistische Rekonstruktion der Kritik falschen Bewusstseins.”, Re-Thinking Marx, Berlin, Germany, May 2011 (Slides)


“Joint Commitment and Collective Normative Self-Governance”, Collective Intentionality VII, Basel, Switzerland, August 2010. (Slides)

“Reification as a Second-order Disorder of Social Practices”, Colloquium Philosophy and the Social Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2010.

2009 and earlier

“Sharing the Background.” Inaugural Meeting of the European Network of Social Ontology, University of Constance, Germany, October 2009. (Slides)

“Criminals and Beautiful Souls: Hegel on Rule-Following and Moral Freedom.” Kantian and Post-Kantian Idealism Group, University of Sydney, Australia, September 2008.

“Institutional Power, Collective Acceptance, and Recognition”, Collective Intentionality VI: Social Change, University of California at Berkeley, USA, July 2008. (Slides)

“Drei Modelle von Anerkennung als sozialer Freiheit” (Three models of recognition as social freedom), Workshop on Recognition and Freedom, Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt, Germany, June 2008. (German slides)

“The social ontological foundations of immanent critique”, Colloquium Philosophy and the Social Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2008. (Slides)

“The politics of recognition and the limited power of ‘identity’ as an argument”, SCMP HDR & Honours Conference, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. October 2007.

Reply to Anthony J. Langlois’ “Religious Reasons in Political Debate: Jeffrey Stout and the Tradition of Democracy”, Philosophy of Religion Research Seminar, University of Sydney, Australia. September 2007.

“Gibt es legitime Ansprüche auf die Anerkennung partikularer Identitäten?” (Are there legitimate demands for the recognition of particular identities?), Workshop on Recognition, Institut für Sozialforschung, Frankfurt, Germany. July 2007.

“A libertarian reading of the struggle for recognition”, 10th International Graduate Conference in Philosophy, University of Essex, England. April 2007.

Working Papers

[What is Immanent Critique?](h