Titus Stahl

Academics publish statement in support of Turkish Colleagues

On the Medico International website, there is an appeal in support of the Turkish academics who are now facing persecution for signing a statement in support of peace:

We, academics from the whole world, defend our colleagues in Turkey. Together we defend the academic freedom, freedom of expression, and the right to demand peace at times of war.

Both, dismissals and indictments have to stop. The Turkish State is obliged to protect the signatories of the petition from threats and attacks by a third party. The governments of the European Union which are in close contact with the Turkish government are called upon to oblige their ally to respect the law. We kindly request that university and academic institutions worldwide support their colleagues in Turkey, so that the signatories to the petition may continue to research and teach as well as be able to exercise their rights freely.

I have signed the appeal and recommend doing to to others. Many well-known philosophers have signed it as well.