Titus Stahl


Encrypted Communication

Please use encryption whenever possible if you would like to write me an e-mail or contact me otherwise. There are three good options to get in touch with me over an encrypted channel:

Riot Messenger

The easiest option to communicate with me using secure encryption is to use the decentralized, end-to-end encrypted Matrix messaging protocol through the open-source Riot messaging app. Riot is available for all desktop operating systems, web browsers, Android and iOS. You can find me on Matrix / Riot using my e-mail address or the account name “@titusstahl:matrix.org”. Read here why I recommend Matrix.

Riot also supports audio and video chat and thus is a good replacement for Skype (which openly spies on its users and is horribly insecure).

PGP-encrypted e-mail

It is slightly more difficult to send me an encrypted e-mail. Please consult this excellent guide to email encryption, authored by the Free Software Foundation to find out how it works.

My PGP keys can be obtained here:

Worried about the authenticity of my keys? There are cryptographic proofs of my identity on keybase.io/titusstahl. I also am available for signing your PGP keys upon seeing two pieces of government issued photo ID.

Delta Chat

If you use the messaging app delta chat (Android only), you can contact me at titus.stahl.delta@gmail.com (Delta Chat works over standard email accounts, sets up encryption automatically, and is compatible with some encrypted email clients).


If you have my mobile phone number, you can also reach me on Signal.

Social Networks

Please do not use Facebook. I have a Twitter account, but I do not use it for any communication beyond posting interesting links.

Instead, I recommend the following social networks:

  • Mastodon is a decentralized social network. It is not inherently more private than Facebook or Twitter, but at least there is no central company controlling all the data. You can choose different providers for your profile. I personally use social.coop which is a provider that is run by its users as a democratic cooperative. Which provider you choose, you can always follow me. My username is “@titus@social.coop”.
  • There are a number of end-to-end encrypted social networks, such as Retroshare, but they are not widely used. I sometimes use Briar which is still in Beta and only available for Android as of now.
  • For academic networking, I prefer to use Humanities Commons over Academia.edu/ResearchGate/LinkedIn.